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The Great Pumpkin is moving, and so is the North Brooklyn Pinball Directory!  You can find it at it’s new home here!


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there’s one at the Levee on north 3rd and berry. it’s batman, and i believe it’s 3 plays for 2 bucks. in good working order since i was there last week.

Comment by Anna

Forest Natural on Norman, Greenpoint has a Playboy pinball machine, will investigate and report back.

The last time I played the table at Daddy’s, it was broken and kept spitting every ball in the machine onto the track- I appreciate a multiball every now and then, but when there’s 20 balls on the table you can’t seem to keep any of them alive!

Comment by Neil

Don’t forget Barcade, obviously. Also, Tommy’s on Manhattan has a good board, but I forget what kind.

Comment by Jeff

Thanks Jeff for the tip about Tommy’s! but as for Barcade…they do not have pinball. It is a great place for video games, but no pinball anywhere to be found.

Comment by tom

Jeff above mentioned Tommy’s Tavern (Manhattan at Freeman) but didn’t remember what game it is. It’s Wheel of Fortune.

Comment by Jay

sometimes boulevard tavern at 579 (?) meeker has pinball. the last time i checked it was the simpsons, but that was awhile ago. worth checking again!

Comment by Jane

The Great Pumpkin is moving! Please leave all further tips on Pinball at it’s new address:

Comment by tom

Bad news, the Wheel of Fortune game at Tommy’s Tavern is gone. Replaced by Big Buck Hunter. Apparently it’s a decision made by the game vendor, not the bar.

Comment by Jay

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